Digital Audio


Assignment – Student Originals

 In a Nutshell: Your task is to complete an audio package for a client who has hired you as chief audio engineer for their company. 


It should come as no surprise that Video Games and Video Gaming are dominant themes throughout our ICT curriculum at HCC! Well, it was also no surprise when one of our more remarkable students decided to use that as the central motivation for assignment completion and create an accompanying track to some recorded gameplay of ‘The Amazing Spiderman‘ game, synced for your viewing pleasure! :D

A personal favourite, I think you will agree! Try not tapping your toes to this!
Developed as the backing track for a futuristic video game (you can see why) employing a crafty mix of loops and virtual synth instruments, it leaves you feeling happy and tranquil; just as you should be when immersed in gameplay! :D
Really admit it – Makes you want to dance the funky chicken – right??

Like it or hate it? ..There is no denying Metal is a popular genre amongst adolescents!!.. The really cool thing you must understand about this track, is that every single note is ‘musically typed’ (and of course sped up with a tempo change) using a virtual keyboard.
All original and quite an earful! See if you can make it the whole way through! :D