_Future Course 2015 – iPhone Apps

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Programming apps for the iPhone provides a complete course of instruction in Xcode – Apple’s exciting programming system for developing applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. As well as being published as a paperback this textbook is also available as an eBook.Programming apps for the iPhone does not assume any prior knowledge, guiding the user from the very simplest applications to those of considerable complexity. Students will learn many aspects of the Objective-C programming language supported by sound design principles. The seven sections are:

  • Problems and algorithms (solving problems, algorithm design with NS diagrams)
  • Xcode fundamentals (elements of the iOS SDK, the Xcode Workspace Window, Object Library, Attributes and Size Inspectors, views and controls, coding, Help, creating your first app, header and implementation files, outlets and actions, objects and events, the UIKit, Foundation and Core Graphics frameworks, classes and instances)
  • Variables and data types (Objective-C objects, primitive C data types, int, float, BOOL, instance variables, scope of variables, numeric operators, strings, keyboards, projects involving calculations, memory management)
  • Branching (two-way and multiple branching, relational operators, random numbers, modulus division, timers, orientation, animation, alert views, sender, segmented control, web views)
  • Loops (test-first and test-last loops, text view, text processing, Boolean operators, character sets, activity indicator view, selectors, for-in loops, nested loops)
  • Arrays (mutable and immutable arrays, declaring and populating, using loops)
  • Touches, gestures and flips (the responder chain, touches methods and gesture recognizers, translations, sets, transition styles, collisions, multiple views)
Programming apps for the iPhone is an excellent textbook for programming courses and an invaluable teacher reference manual. It has been developed specifically for the Australian Years 10-12 classroom and is ideally suited to all cutting-edge Information Technology and Computer Studies courses. The NelsonNet website contains solutions to all programming examples and exercises, as well as a set of graphics for all the Xcode projects.