12 IPT – Information Systems

Database Web Applications

[Interactive 'Dynamic' Web Apps]

Created with friendly free web languages; HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / MySQL


Have a look around & enjoy the creativity!



 Past standout commercial, and not so commercial student Web Apps! :)


MegaNote (…An Online music store. Simple yet Functional)

Prokemon.com (… for all things Pokemon!)

BMI Calc (…Real time Body Mass Index Info!)


 Watch them grow before your very eyes!  Our 2014 Crop!…



You may think to yourself; ‘They look okay, but well, there’s no functionality right now!?’ –

Please remember that – then, check back soon and see just how far the student’s ideas have come in the design and development of their Web Applications!

It’s a real developers journey and they need your encouragement and support!

Society’s Library (…Information by the people, free to the people!)

Crisp Fish and Chips (…Fish and Chip stores everywhere, keep things fluid, and GO GLOBAL!)

Dot Key with a database ( …V2.0 of the typing tutor, now keeping a keen eye on your progress!)

Unofficial Skyrim Fan Page (…the Skyrim’s the limit!)

Dark Souls II (…a companion for the video game! Games love this assignment, and student’s love gaming. Say no more!).

Fitness Friend (…as the title suggests, more than a Gym Buddy!)

Gold Coast Drums (…not so keen on the other instruments? Just want to Drum all day?)

Trapdoor Industries (..just your average, everyday, small-scale commercial business online!)

InstaAth Carnvial Manager (…a ubiquitous software solution to running your sports meets!)

e-Library (…Same same, but different!)


Impressed by what you see?...NEED or know of others who need a dynamically built custom Website for the operation of a business or commercial area; or perhaps just require a fresh new approach to branding or advertising media??

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